AER Memories of Old

“AER Memories of Old is an adventure game in the truest sense. Lots of games let you explore a world, but where most focus on the reward waiting at the finish line, Aer is all about the journey.” – PC Gamer

AER Memories of Old is available here on Steam

AER Memories of Old is a game where I wanted to capture the feelings of flight, mystery, exploration and joyful discovery. We were six people in the core team and took help from a few more when needed during the development.

My biggest responsibilities (within the project, and thus outside my role as CEO of the studio) was as the creative director and sole game designer of AER, building and conveying the vision of what the game should be and how the player should feel.

In addition to that, my contributions were many and varied: From setting up animation trees in Unity and tweaking them to my liking, to programming (in C#) systems for music and sound, to writing the game’s story and in-game text assets.

I coded the first prototypes of the flight mechanic and it was also my job to tweak it until it felt great.

AER was released in October 2017 on PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One and Playstation 4. You can find the game on Steam here.