Forgotten Key – Studio I founded and ran 2011-2019

Many of Forgotten Key’s team members during Creative Coast Festival. Photo taken by Sebastian Bularca

I was one of the founders of Forgotten Key, and my responsibilities were as CEO, Game Director and Project Manager / Producer.

We worked with companies such as Sony XDev and Bandai Namco, and released games on all major platforms (PC and consoles).

Forgotten Key was a game studio about creating atmospheric and aesthetically focused adventures. Our goal was to build a larger studio, with sustainable business, and become world renowned within our niche. We kept the studio running from 2011 to 2019, and made several games and projects during that time.

During the last year of business we were at most 16 people in the team. The studio is closed down since the end of January 2019.

A screenshot from AER Memories of Old

I started out in the role of game designer, but soon became the person responsible for overarching creative vision, building a business, managing a team, building and refining project methodology, finding investors and selling to publishers.

All the deals Forgotten Key has made was pitched, negotiated and closed by me. During those years, I went to a great many events and have an extensive network in the industry thanks to that.

Experience I have gathered and achievements from my time at Forgotten Key:

  • Building a studio from scratch, inclduing building structures and hiring people.
  • Designing open world narrative experiences.
  • Defined, implemented and improved project methodology for game development.
  • Defined, implemented and improved methods of working with vision and design for game development.
  • Managing teams and projects of varying sizes and with different requirements, including co-dev situations.
  • Pitching to, negotiating with, closing deals with, and delivering according to milestone schedules to publishers of various sizes.
  • Raised venture capital from several different investors (within and outside the game’s industry).
  • Applied for and been approved governmental funding (industry agnostic innovation grants).
  • Implementing design, assets, sound and technical systems in Unity for large game release on PC and consoles.
  • Visited events around the globe for networking, sales pitches, business meeting and game showcasing including press interviews.

A screenshot from a demo of the unfinished Down the Well