Exploration adventure about flight, friends and flow

Demo trailer

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Demo available here at Vind’s site

Vind was the last project we worked on at Forgotten Key, where we took all the experience we had gathered over the last few years and poured it into a new grander atmospheric tend-and-befriend adventure.

My contributions were as the Creative Director and Project Manager, leading meetings with the game design team and every discipline’s Director respectively. I was responsible for  the game’s vision, IP-building and overarching design, and I worked together with my team to achieve the design goals I had set up for the game.

Sunset among the clouds

The game was about journeying through a magic landscape with your friend, a Goddess and the source of your powers, accompanying you, hidden away from the eyes of ordinary people. While most of the pre-production was done, we cancelled the development in early demo stages due to closing down the studio early in 2019.

The Goddess was a cheeky character

Our ambitions were to create an atmospheric and beautiful, system driven adventure, void of violence as its driving mechanic.

Focus was instead on exploration, narrative and emergent stories, using powers to solve puzzles and physics challenges, and helping out people through completing a carefully woven weave of quests and investigations.

Meeting new friends

Meeting even more new friends